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 ‘Biochemical Screening’ is part of the first trimester screening for which I have written an article on this issue and will not go into detail. Biochemical screening is just the analysis of blood with nothing more, as its very name...
Premature Birth and Cerclage
Premature birth is the birth of a fetus before 37 WOP, and according to Western literature before 34 WOP. Causes of preterm birth may be varied  due to infections and abnormalities of the fetus, uterine abnormalities, previous premature...
Before I Get Pregnant
What should I do before getting pregnant? Is there a need for special preparation, or be spontaneous? When is the most effective time to get pregnant? ... and many more questions that may make you anxious and you want an immediate response...
EGA Ultrasound Screening
Congratulations! I wish you a pregnancy filled with happiness and health! How do we know if we are really pregnant? Once your expected menstrual period is delayed, wait a few days or even a week, and do ahome  pregnancy test from your...
ultrasound dating pregnancy
Determining the babys due date and the duration of the pregnancy is an important element in the follow-up appoints during pregnancy. Calculating the correct period of pregnancy helps us to properly track the stages of fetal development and...
ultrasound of a baby
Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the fetus has reached viability. Abortion refers to the 24th week of pregnancy or the 6th lunar month of pregnancy. After this time, we talk about premature birth. Abortions can be...
ultrasound screening pregnancy
Like any other study, prenatal examination at different stages of pregnancy has its goals. It is important to know that the specialist who performs it should be aware of these goals and explain them to his patients before the study. This...
down syndrome screening ultrasound
Screening in the first trimester, screening for Down Syndrome, combined screening test or early biochemical screening are all synonyms but it is best to talk about screening in the first trimester. Now I’m going to explain why. We need to...