The Clinic

About the clinic

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center is a leading medical institution in the field of obstetrics and prenatal diagnostics – fetal morphology, screening for Down syndrome, screening for preeclampsia, screening for preterm delivery, etc. The center was created with the goal of providing premium healthcare to every pregnant woman, while ensuring patient comfort and convenience.

Every detail is important to us – from the modern setting with relaxing music and the friendly welcome, through the best possible and precise equipment, to the team of proven specialists in prenatal medicine, headed by Dr. Boris Stoilov, a certified consultant in fetal medicine at The Fetal Medicine Foundation.

The results of the screening in the first trimester - incl. Down syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome, and pre-eclampsia screening are ready within 2 hours of your arrival.

The location is convenient – between Mall Plovdiv and the Rowing Canal. Free parking is available on the street and in the parking lot opposite the Sports Dispensary.

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