• First trimester scan

    The most important examination during pregnancy
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  • Anomaly scan

    From head to toes
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  • Growth scan

    Assessment of health status
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  • Prenatal tests

    Reliability and safety
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About us

Екип Pregnancy

About us


We are a team of specialists in the field of prenatal medicine and diagnostics. Our main goal is to ensure more successful pregnancies and healthy babies, and we achieve this through highly specialized examinations and procedures in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

These tests include the first-trimester screening, which is the most important test for pregnant women, fetal morphology at 22 week of gestation, and late fetal morphology. The examinations are applicable to both low-risk and high-risk singleton and multiple pregnancies.

The examinations are performed only by qualified specialists, and our patients receive their results by the end of the examination or up to 2 hours after it!
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Our stories


  • "Sincere thanks to the entire Maternal-Fetal Medicine team for their care, patience and professionalism!
    The pleasant atmosphere during the examinations always filled me with peace and happiness! 💙"
    Elena Foteva
    "What I can say about Dr. Stoilov, is that he is a doctor in the true sense of the word!! He is not only an exceptional specialist, but also a person for whom the profession is a calling. I could count that he would be there at any time.
    I'm glad there are still doctors like you!
    Thank you for the care and attention that ensured my peaceful pregnancy and delivery!
    My best decision was trusting him!"
    Teodora Foteva
    "Professionals! Very humane treatment! Extremely kind and welcoming! Dr. Stoilov is very kind and explains everything very well. One of the very few doctors who care about their job and do it with pleasure, at the service of the patient! They are all great! THANK YOU so much!"
    Sladjana Lazinica
  • "Huge thanks to Dr. Boris Stoilov for his professionalism and care for me. He followed me throughout my pregnancy, and in the last month he did everything possible to ensure that our baby was born alive and healthy, and that I could give birth in a natural way, exactly what I wanted. I wish you to continue helping families experience the greatest happiness. Thank you 💖 "
    Снежана Киркова
    "I want to express our sincere thanks to you and your entire team. Thank you for your professional care, kind treatment, the big smiles on your faces and your big hearts. Thank you for being by our side at the most important moment in our lives, taking care of me with the attention and warmth that I needed, and helping our family grow with the most awaited and desired member – Alexander.”
    Миглена Зеринова
    "Professionals! Very humane treatment! Extremely kind and welcoming! Dr. Stoilov is very kind and explains everything very well. One of the very few doctors who care about their job and do it with pleasure, at the service of the patient! They are all great! THANK YOU so much!"
    Анелия Георгиева
  • "I am extremely happy with the competence of doctor Stoilov and the attention he paid to me during our nine months. With his help, Viktor came into the world with normal delivery! He made my months of pregnancy nicer and calmer.”
    Steisi Petkova
    "The 37-week adventure full of emotions, worry, anticipation! Adventure to a 3,450 kg of love!
    Thank you Dr. Stoilov and the wonderful and BEAUTIFUL team from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center for being by my side during this entire journey and in the most cherished moment for me, with dedication and professionalism 🍼👦🏻"
    Tsvetka Petrova
    "After my visit to the center for the first trimester screening, there was no doubt for me that Dr. Stoilov was the person I wanted to trust with the birth of our son. Thank you for the care and treatment, to him and the whole team. Always smiling and ready to help are Geri and Aishe. Extremely punctual with the appointments and the atmosphere in the center is very pleasant”.
    Plamena Arnaudova
  • "Dr. Stoilov - the man who brought the long-awaited joy to our home. He could see even the smallest problems in my not particularly easy pregnancy, and acted adequately and with great care to solve them. I know that I made the best choice for me and the child, and I will always be grateful for your professionalism and humanity, Dr. Stoilov!"
    Елени Алексиду
    "For me, this is the best specialist in this field in the city of Plovdiv! Extremely attentive, calm and prepossessing. A doctor in the truest sense of the word, who is constantly upgrading his professional qualifications. Thanks to the professionalism and care of Dr. Stoilov, our baby was born alive and well despite the abortion advice given by other supposedly proven "experts”!”
    S Ivancheva
    "With a pure heart and with both hands up, I recommend Dr. Boris Stoilov. I really thank you for the thorough examinations and for being the first person to welcome my child into the world. I am thankful to him for the highly precise operation, of which I have no trace. Thank you for being there!”
    Йоанна Райнова
  • "Dr. Stoilov is first of all a person with a wonderful attitude, something that is almost extinct in Bulgaria. I am grateful to God that less than a year ago exactly on Christmas day, in a difficult moment for me, he met me with you. I believe that there are no coincidences, because not long after that, you were the first to take my daughter in your arms. I wish you long life and good health, and may you always be, with the same professionalism and passion, a part of this wonderful miracle. THANK YOU!”
    D Ch
    "When it comes to true professionalism and a person with a big heart, fully devoted to his work, we can only talk about Dr. Boris Stoilov.
    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the happiness you gave us❤
    Be healthy and blessed for your work, which is sacred!
    With warmest feelings: Hadzhiminevi family”
    ivka hadzhimineva
    "I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to be a patient of Dr. Stoilov! For me he is the best doctor! Very kind, warm and attentive! An exceptional professional with extensive experience! During my pregnancy, I didn't have any doubts, on the contrary - I had full confidence in my doctor - the most important thing for a pregnant woman. I recommend him with both my hands!"
    Tsvetelina Poyuklieva

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