Dr Polina Zaharieva


Dr. Polina Zaharieva is born in Plovdiv in a family of doctors. In 2015 she graduated medicine with honors at Medical University – Plovdiv and in 2019 she acquires specialty in obstetrics and gynecology. Since 2018 she has been assistant at Medical University – Plovdiv.

During her studies, she is intern at renowned university clinics in Wurzburg, Germany, as well as in Zurich, Switzerland, and later participates in a number of postgraduate trainings and seminars. During her work with prominent specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology abroad and in Bulgaria, she has not only gained knowledge and experience, but she is implementing the model of the relationship between a doctor and a patient. In her opinion, explaining in simple words the complex medical terms is the basis of a mutual trust and successful treatment.

According to her, obstetrics and gynecology as a stressful and responsible profession, because the doctor is treating not one, but two patients. She sees as positive the fact that the technological progress in the field of medicine has led to the modernization and early diagnosis of various pathological conditions of the mother and the fetus.

Dr. Zaharieva works at the Department of Pathological Pregnancy, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of St. George University Hospital, Plovdiv.

At the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center, she provides consultations and follow-up of pregnant women covered by the National Health-Insurance Fund. Her subject of interest is obstetrics with a focus on high-risk pregnancy (multiple pregnancies, pregnant women with concomitant diseases).

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