New trends in women’s health

100% Awake features the trainer of pregnant women – Radoslava […]

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Goals of Prenatal Studies

Like any other study, prenatal examination at different stages of […]

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High risk of preeclampsia, but smooth delivery – the story of Elif Yakub

“My delivery was like in a dream. Before the anesthesia, […]

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Successful pregnancy after embryo reduction – the story of Georgiev family

“My husband and I started trying to get pregnant 8 […]

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Dr Stoilov saved my child’s life two times – says Sonia Nacheva

After two doctors see liquid in the back of the […]

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High blood pressure during pregnancy – the story of Gergana and Stancho

“With my first pregnancy everything was going well until the […]

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First trimester scan

Screening in the first trimester, screening for Down Syndrome, combined […]

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Preeclampsia is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, […]

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