Dr. Boris Stoilov: The lack of clear criteria on how to perform fetal morphology is dangerous to the patients

Dr. Stoilov, you are one of the doctors who not only participates in charity events (like More Bulgarian Children for Bulgaria), but you also initiates many campaigns, such as free screenings for pregnant women, pregnancy follow-up, etc. What is behind all this?

Behind all this is my desire to provide high-quality healthcare to as many pregnant women as possible, even to those who for some reason do not have access to it. But it’s not just that. I believe that happiness and love are the driving force for each of us. People look for support, love, joy and comfort in their families. Family is the structural unit of society and it is no coincidence that on the cover of the magazine I am with my two sons – my pride!

I started off a little poetically, however, I don’t intend to talk about sentiments, but quite the contrary – to emphasize the statistics. The birth rate in Bulgaria is progressively decreasing. In 2010 there were 70,000 births per year, in 2020 they are 60,000, i.e. nearly 14% less. And only in the last year, 2021, the rate has decreased by a further 11% to 53,300. There many reasons for this, but the important question is what we do for those who choose to stay in the country.

The Ministry of Health is planning to include fetal morphology in the package covered by the Health Insurance Fund. What is your opinion as a specialist in this field?

Having more health services in the package is a very good thing for all of us, and I’m sure that many parents-to-be are happy about it. Prenatal care must be included in the package of family healthcare, which, as I said, is the most important structural unit of society. And I would have been much happier about that fact, if there really was a meaningful intention. After talking with most of my colleagues, specialists in fetal medicine in Bulgaria, it turned out that we have the same position. This was the occasion to write my post on the social networks “The road to hell is paved with good intentions…”!

I rarely let myself criticize openly, but this time I hope to be heard. Nothing can be done, even a little, without a plan! This how my home renovation is being done at the moment – the masters “create”, and in the end I suffer. When building a plan and a strategy, you need experts in the respective field. I know that we fetal medicine specialists are seen as people who just sit behind the ultrasound machine, but in reality we are not. We are familiar with the various aspects of pregnancy – normal and pathological, fetal anatomy – normal and pathological, screenings, preventions, behavior etc. So our knowledge and experience contribute for a successful pregnancy and the birth of more healthy babies.

Link to the whole interview: https://366.bg/blog/d-r-boris-stoilov-lipsata-na-yasni-kriterii-kak-da-se-izvarshva-fetalna-morfologiya-e-opasno-za-paczientite/


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